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07 juin 2007

A friend asked me for a Sea Song...


The Sea of Sighs / lies beyond all sight
There, on the breeze in disguise  motion clouds vaporize emotions.

See the time / Seize all Minds
On the Maelstrom's Momentum

Still, my friend, the water of your Heart
or Fauna or Flora -two mystical mermaids-
will drown the soul in Love 'n drag you to
the end.

This is a sea of Lunar Laws that multiplie the Heads
Beware an Octopus of Visions !
Merging with HORIZONS
the colorful fictions of the Ocean's bed.

Vast & Vivified Suns shine underwater
Praisin' the greenest day of the greenest hour.

All that journey here request this Valid Void :
reflections of saphyr,
everlasting promises // of the bluish Lie.

A vague wave of the hand
to the Land...
They draw their dreams & they dive.

This is the Sea of Sighs, out of sight
and out of size..

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