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31 août 2009

the double manifesto

And then there was this man, in the elevator at the MoMa, who took me for Jamy Ian Swiss
perhaps because I had a beard, a moustache, a large hat and a ten of spades on top of it.

"Aren't you that magician he asked me ?"

I was baffled, needless to say.
"Jamy Ian Swiss is touring New York"

"And what does this musician do ?" did I ask in a flagrant lapsus

"Sleight of hand, the man answered, I heard he was exceptionnal".

Isn't it indeed all about sleight-of-hand ?

It may be my favourite english word ever.

The mindtrick of my dream : to make something look like something else.
puzzle the mind, mystify the eyes and ears. Art.

I did some research and the man actually advised Neil Gaiman ( for Legba's sake !) for the coin trick in American Gods
(it's an awesome book, it's an awesome trick, and it has all a story of its own in my life and library), and read his manuscript. I think it pretty much defines the word cool.

Now, Magician, that's a career option !  Ask Alan Moore.

Between Jamy Ian Swiss the magician & Noam Morgenzstern the actor
& the muscian I will never be,

I'll have to work my name up and down toward some achievement.
which means
this year I'm going to do some batshit-crazy-art.
and you my friend will probably be a part of it.

as he will. Our friend number one, the first card I ever pulled out of Julie's tarot,
and the first card of them all : Le Bateleur.

The Magician or the Juggler, El Bagatella, Il Bagatino, Il Bagatello, le Basteleur ou Bateleur.

Dont je vous livre ici l'évolution pokemon.




I just have some unfinished business
(like a memoire)
and all hell will break loose.

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