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31 mars 2008

J'ai retrouvé mon dictaphone !

"Diane, it's - I don't know what time it is, Diane, I've been shot. I was out for a while and I can't reach my watch. The sky's getting light, I can hear birdsong. I'm lying on the floor of my room. There is a great deal of pain and a fair amount of blood. I seem to remember three shots, all to the midsection. I was wearing my vest last night, per Bureau regulations when undercover, but even so, if you can imagine someone dropping three bowling balls on your chest from a height of about nine feet you might begin to approximate the sensation.
On balance, though, being shot is not as bad as I had always imagined it might be. If you can manage to keep the fear from your mind. Then again, I suppose you could say that about almost anything in life: it's not so bad if you can keep the fear from your mind.
At a time like this, curiously, you immediately think of the things you regret, or the things you would miss. I would like, in general, to treat people with much more care and respect. I would like to climb a tall hill, sit in the cool grass and feel the sun on my face. I wish I could have cracked the Lindbergh kidnapping. I would very much like to make love to a beautiful woman who I had genuine affection for. I would like that very much.
All in all, a very interesting experience."

.Twin Peaks.

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